Affiliate Marketing – Can You Really Make $100’s of Dollar a Day from Affiliate Programs?

Many people are making huge amounts of cash from affiliate programs.
The problem is, many, many more don’t ever earn enough to get their
first check. So what’s the difference between these super affiliates
and all the others trying to make a living with affiliate programs?
The devil is in the details, as they say.

After all, starting a business that focuses on making money with
affiliate marketing is easy. You can be up and running and making
sales within the hour. How would you do that? It’s easy.

Just go to, sign up for a free account, search the
Clickbank Marketplace for a product you want to promote, get your
affiliate link, sign up for Google Adwords, bid on some keywords
that are relevant to the product you selected and you’re an affiliate
marketer, driving traffic to the product site. Easy.

Do that and you’ll make sales. Of course, we all know it’s not that
easy. All the details that are contained in each one of those steps
will determine whether or not you make a profit or your bank account
gets wiped out by all the money you spend on Google Adwords.

Every one of those deceptively simple steps is crucial to whether you
lose your shirt or make thousands of dollars a month from affiliate
programs. Yes, there are plenty of other ways to make money with
affiliate programs but I was using what is probably the fastest and
easiest way to get started. You don’t need a domain name, you don’t
need a web hosting account, you don’t need to learn ftp,For the passive income stream you don’tneed to spend the time to create your own web site, etc. This isn’t to say other techniques aren’t effective, they are, but for this
article I will focus on using Google AdWords as a way to make money
with affiliate marketing.

Almost every company today runs an affiliate program. However, I
recommend getting started with Clickbank deals with
information products, which have very high commissions. While you
can be an affiliate for stores like Wal Mart, you’ll only receive
a very small commission, usually around 5%. With Clickbank you
can get a 50% to 75% commission for each product you sell! And
most products in Clickbank’s marketplace go for between $27 and
$197!! In addition, Clickbank sends out commission checks every
two weeks. You won’t have to worry about getting ripped off by
an unethical affiliate progam and not getting your check.

Clickbank has thousands of products in all different niches, from
health to marketing to finances, to dogs and more.

Once you select a product, you’ll want to research keywords related
to that product. For example, if you decide to promote an ebook on
dog training, one keyword phrase you might want to use is ‘dog traing’.
You can do comprehensive keyword research at sites like
or with software like Keyword Elite (I use both). You can also do your
keyword research right in your Google AdWords account.

Google has made some recent changes you need to be aware of.
Only one affiliate link for a product will show up in the results (the
one that performs better). So, you need to check and see if someone
else is already promoting this product. If so, you can find another
product or you can create your own review site. You would write
up a review or “presell” page on your own site and then encourage
people to click through to the affiliate link.

Once you do this, you’ll need to write a short ad for Google Adwords.
You want to try and have your keyword phrase in the headline and once
in the body of the ad itself. If the ebook is on dog training you might
want a headline like “No Time to Train Your Dog?” and the body might say
“Dog training in 15 minutes a week! Learn more now!”

Once your ad is up live, you need to closely monitor your results. Over
time you can test by changing your ad to see if this increases clickthroughs,
as well as adjusting your keyword bid amounts, based on how many visitors it
takes to make a sale.

Once you learn enough about affiliate programs and this type of affiliate
marketing, you can expand your affiliate marketing by running campaigns
on more products and begin researching and experimenting with other
affiliate marketing techniques such as SEO, squeeze pages, content web
sites, offline marketing, list building, blogging, etc.

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