Dr Joe Vitale – The Godfather of Hypnotic Marketing

Critically acclaimed star of the movie “The Secret”, Dr. Joe Vitale is considered by many the godfather of hypnotic marketing. Joe Vitale has an innate gift which causes people to be completely engrossed by what he writes. He has the ability to not only cause people to take action off what he says, but to influence people’s subconscious minds to create powerful change in his clients.

Although Dr. Joe Vitale has accomplished much over his lifetime, things were not always so easy for Mr. Vitale. As a matter of fact, many people tend to forget that this man was homeless in Texas for over 20 years! How was a man that was completely homeless able to rise above it all and be considered one of the most influential marketers and personal growth teachers of our generation?

The answer is quite simple actually. Dr. Joe Vitale speaks very passionately about his transformation and states that he never lost sight of his dream to one day become a best-selling author. Because Joe held onto his dream, he is now considered one of the best copywriters in the world, and one of the top, most respected marketers in the world.

Although the internet is changing at a rapid pace, Dr. Joe Vitale implements and uses marketing principles that worked Vitalflow 50 years ago, are still working today, and will continue to work 50 years down the road. People tend to overcomplicate their success and Dr. Joe Vitale is extremely good at removing the blindfold from people’s eyes to show them what works and what will get the best results for their business.

If you are looking at purchasing one of Dr. Joe Vitale’s products, I would waste no more time “sitting on the fence” and go and take action IMMEDIATELY. They do not call Joe “Mr. Fire” for nothing. If you have a floundering online business right now, after working with Joe your merchant account will literally be screaming for mercy and your bank account will be swelling.

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