Know the Difference Between On-Site – Modular and Relocatable Homes

There are two basic categories: on-site built homes, which include houses, buildings, flats and apartment complexes, etc, and the other category is the manufactured house category, which includes modular homes, relocatable homes and mobile homes, like trailers. This article deals with difference between onsite homes, modular homes and relocatable homes so there is no confusion and you are better informed sakarya evden eve nakliyat.

Modular Homes:

Modular homes are a part of manufactured housing. These homes are like manufactured homes, but there is a slight difference that sets them apart. They are also what you call factory homes as they are built piece by piece in a controlled environment in a factory and all the parts are then transferred to the site. Some features of a modular home:

o Modular homes are always built to comply with all the state, district and regional building codes. Even though they are built in a different state, they will be made in accordance with the final destination’s building compliances.
o They are made part by part in a factory set up.
o Modular homes are transported by a flat bed on a truck. The parts are then transferred to the site where they will be put together by the local contractors and are generally lifted by a crane and are placed on a masonry foundation.
o The modular home is always checked by the local building inspector, who clears it if all building codes are complied with and he thinks it has been built and put together correctly.
o Modular homes should have the capability to last as long as an on-site built house.
o Sometimes these homes turn out to be less expensive per square foot than on-site built homes.
o Modular homes generally appreciate in value over time.

On-Site Homes:

On-site homes are those that are built on the build site from scratch with the help of professional builders and contractors. Some features:

o They are built on site with the help of contractors and builders.
o On-site homes are always built in accordance with all the state, district and regional building codes.
o A correctly and well built home only appreciates in value if it is taken care of well and also the location of the house plays a key role.
o On-site homes are also called “stick built” houses.

Relocatable Homes:

Relocatable homes are a part of the manufactured housing brand. They are also called factory built homes, like modular homes. Some key features:

o Manufactured house parts are built in a factory.
o They were earlier referred to as mobile homes or trailer homes, but that is not so today, as they are vastly different.
o Relocatable homes comply with the Federal building codes, that is, the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) codes rather than the state, district or regional codes.
o Relocatable homes are built on non removable steel chassis and some are not placed on a permanent foundation, making their refinancing a little difficult.
o Parts are transported on their own wheels or axels.
o Relocatable homes generally depreciate in value.
o They are usually less expensive than modular and on-site homes.
o Building inspectors are not required to approve the building, but do approve the work done locally, like electricity or plumbing work.

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