University Student Guide – Top 10 Things to Get Extra Cash

During economic hard times in America a recession will hit hardest college students the most. University financial aid offices have pinched students pocket books the hardest. Are you always broke every month and living for your next meal? Here are ten simple things to do to get more cash in your pocket as a cash starving college student. As a student you don’t have time for a full time job and you pretty much don’t have time to do anything but study. Students already have a full time class schedule and on top of that piles of homework so they’re isn’t really anytime for a full time job.

1. Get rid of your cell phone.

Cell phones can be costly. Some people can have a cell phone bill as the same amount as their car payment. Get rid of your cell phone and get a land line instead. Or better yet get a prepaid phone and than use the minutes wisely. You can always use your computer to call friends or relatives. Like voice over internet protocol applications like Skype or Google talk. There are many internet chat programs on social networks like Facebook and MySpace also. So they are plenty of ways online you can find to catch up on gossip from friends or family.

2. Sell your car.

If you have a car payment try to call the bank and have it refinanced for a lower monthly payment. You have to be devious and say that you cannot make the payments anymore so they can feel sorry for you and give you some slack. Sweet talk them and act like you are a starving college student. Better yet, have a girl call for you and tell her to flirt with the call center agent. Usually, it will be a male call center agent and they will be more gullible to a female than a male.

Another thing you can do is sell your car and inherent your parents or grandparents hand-me-down old car. This is excellent choice because your insurance will go down because of an older model car. If you sell your car altogether this is where you can start to ride the bus or subway. Get some walking shoes, wear comfortable clothes and bring an iPod and start enjoying the freedoms of not being tied to high insurance rates, car payments, car maintenance costs, high gas prices, parking tickets and parking fees from the University.

3. Hold a mega-garage sale.

Negotiate on the weekend with grandparents, parents, relatives or best friends to help clean up their yard for extra cash. Also you can ask them that you can help them clean out all those old items from the basement, attic, garage or backyard for items they don’t need. Little by little you can sell some items at a garage sale or sell them on eBay, Craiglist or the many flea markets around town. You can sell some items little every month and negotiate a small percentage fee for your services for each sale.

4. Sell your gym membership.

Gym membership can suck your wallet dry because most gyms have your membership taken out by automatic debit from your checking account every month. So no matter if you’re working out each day it is highly unlikely you will ever use your gym membership to its full potential. You can join your college gym for little or maybe nothing. Another fast exercise saving tip is to try to join intramural leagues on campus. You can also get close to your nature side by jogging, biking or hiking near parks or hiking trails near campus.

5. Sell your books.

To get the most money for your books sell your old books to other students and not back to the book store. You can resale your books for around 90% resale value to next semesters students who will take the same class. Also note do the same thing to buy your books from other students. For the books you need for next semester you can easily put up fliers by the lines of students returning their books at the book store or around campus.

6. Sell stuff on eBay or izmir yurtlar.

To stop your compulsive hoarding in your room you can sell mostly anything on Craiglist or eBay. There are bargain hunters that are lurking for good deals on these two sites. So you won’t have no problem getting the most for your dollar. Clear out your closet and decide what you haven’t wear or used in the last 6 months. Most likely you can find a ton of items that you can put for sale on the auction block. My best advice is set the price low to one or two items and than set the price moderately on your other items.

7. Tutor struggling students for money

If you are good at one subject take full advantage of your knowledge by advertising your tutoring services by posting fliers around campus. Another way to easily earn cash is to go to the athletic department and make a deal with coaches to help tutor below average GPA student athletes.

8. Move into a cheaper place.

If you live in an apartment and have your own room considering sharing your room with another student. By doing this you can split your rent in half and have a lot more cash in your pocket. Don’t worry about losing your space because it won’t be forever. The extra cash you will have you’ll have more freedom to do things than being all stuffed up inside your overpriced rented apartment all day and all night.

9. Get a part time job on campus.

Here are a bunch of part time jobs you can look into on campus: participate in study focus groups, be a guinea pig for the medical school, be a computer lab monitor, work for the university police department and finally work for the university dormitory as a residential assistant. Remember campus jobs are most flexible than getting a job on the outside because campus jobs will understand if you have a final exam, overdue paper or an enormous group project.

10. Stay away from credit cards and payday loans.

The worst attitude college students may have is that they can rack out huge debt and have the thinking that they can always pay it back after college. Most likely this won’t happen to the majority of students. Because majority of students will be entering the job market with entry level pay since the fierce competition from their peers. Companies can get away with low wages because of the over saturation of applicants in the job market. Remember for one position there are hundred of thousand of applicants. Just remember there are always more applicants than there are jobs in the world. So companies have the attitude that everyone is extendable. Their thinking is that if you don’t want the position at a certain wage there are a thousands of other applicants willing to accept it for lower pay and work harder than you are. So paying back huge college debt can be challenging for college grads. Your best bet is to stretch every single dollar you can and stay away from all types of credit cards and loans from private banks.

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